Summer herbal remedies


I’ve recently become obsessed with a lovely woman named Aviva Romm.  She is a specialized herbalist, certified midwife, family physician, and what I imagine to be a wonderful mom.  Her blog has all sorts of interesting information on nutrition, natural birth, raising healthy families, and benefits foe individuals.  Oh, and some great recipes!

Since Erik and I are now official Marylanders, we’ve had to adjust to a more humid summer.  And with humidity, comes mesquitos!  They have been chomping away at me every chance they get here!  No fun. I have been trying to dose myself in tea tree oil, as well as the pups, in hopes they will leave me alone! This chart comes in handy, for anyone wanting an herbal remedy to helping strains on summertime fun!  Especially the wee ones.

Thanks Aviva!

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